What ASTUS Trust and Estate Planning Will Do For You

Many of the actions needed can be very time-consuming, taking months to complete.

We will:

  • Manage all the legal complexity related to probate service on your behalf
  • Check with all necessary organisations and conduct relevant searches to establish and confirm exactly the value of the Estate
  • Work out any tax due including Inheritance Tax, Income Tax and Capital Gains Tax, fill in all forms, and deal with the tax offices and arrange payment of what is necessary
  • Liaise with the relevant legal establishments in order to gain the Grant of Probate
  • Write the necessary advertisements and put them in the relevant newspapers as required by law
  • Collect all the assets due and keep them in one single account
  • Pay any debts and liabilities with regards to the Estate, prepare the required statement of accounts on your behalf and provide copies to all those who are due to benefit
  • Transfer all money, assets and gifts to those who are entitled to receive it
  • Transfer all joint names to sole, as appropriate

How do you charge for the Probate Service?

At ASTUS we believe in transparency, so we will quote you a fixed fee before the Probate Service begins. This will be based on your individual situation. We think this is fairer rather than charging a proportion of the value of the estate, and our clients feel that this represents good value for money.

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