Probate Service

Any person who dies leaving property and possessions valued at over £ 5,000 is subject to probate. At ASTUS our probate service covers every aspect of dealing with someone’s affairs after they have died, and helps to lighten the administrative burden at what is often a very emotional time.

What does the probate service include?

Unless the probate process is handled properly, any property or possessions in the sole name of the person who has died cannot be released to you or others. In addition the government requires tax forms to be completed, and any errors are the responsibility of those who completed them. At ASTUS our first professional responsibility is to inform you of the steps that need to be taken, and to lift the legal liability from you. We carry out all the required tax, legal and administrative actions, to ensure effective valuation, collection and distribution of the estate of the deceased. Where there is a will we work with the executors of the will who are responsible for administering the property and possessions.

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